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Diana McDonald

Diana McDonald has represented the United States at over 24 World Championships, both as an Amateur and Professional competitor. With her partner Gary McDonald, together they became the first ever couple from North America to ever win a world title in 1997 at the World 10-Dance Championships.


  • 10-time undefeated United States 10-Dance Champion

  • 2-time U.S. South American Showdance Champion

  • U.S. Classic Showdance Champion (2002)

  • United States Professional Latin Champion (1997)

  • World 10-Dance Champion (1997)

  • 9-time United States Professional Latin Finalist (1991-1999)

  • 3-time United States Standard Finalist (1995, 1998, 2000)

  • British Open Rising Stars Latin Runner-Up (1994)

  • United States Open Rising Star Latin Champion (1992)

  • United States National Rising Star Standard Champion (1992)

  • Hosted and performed at dance competitions televised on NBC, ESPN, A&E and PBS


  • Manhattan DanceSport Championships, Co-Organizer

  • Rogers Dance Center, Co-Owner

  • Choreographer

  • Professional Competitor

    • Certified - United States Terpsichore Association

  • Certified Dance Instructor

    • Member Degree - United States Terpsichore Association

  • Championship Licensed Adjudicator and National Judge for the National Dance Council of America

  • Theatrical Style (Championship Certified) - United States Terpsichore Association

  • Certified Invigilator (National Dance Council of America)

  • World Dance Council Adjudicator

  • United States Terpsichore Association, Examiner

Diana McDonald
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