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Sveta Daly

Sveta Daly and her husband, Jason Daly, are ranked as one of the top 6 Open Professional American Rhythm Competitors in the World and USA. Finalists at the Ohio Star Ball Championships, California Open Champs, San Francisco Open Champs, Vegas Open Champs, City Lights Ball Cahmps, NYDF Champs, California Star Ball Champs and many more. Individually they have been World and European representatives in International Style Latin and 10 Dance Championships.

Today with over 45 years combined experience they have been lucky enough to be exposed to the top coaches, and have a wealth of experience at competing in every level internationally. One of the strengths that makes them sought-after coaches is their ability to relate to dancers of every level, having themselves begun competing as beginners and ultimately reaching the top of their field in Open Professional divisions. The results of their successful coaching style has earned them Top Teacher awards at many competitions including Desert Dancesport Classic, California Open, Emerald Ball, California Star Ball, and Embassy Ball.

Also Sveta Daly and Jason Daly is owners of The Dance Daly Dance Studio and member of National Dance Council of America.


  • World Professional American Rhythm Finalist

  • U.S. Professional American Rhythm Finalist

  • People’s Choice Awards 2012

  • California Open Pro Rhythm Champions

  • World Professional American Rhythm Showdance Finalist

  • Vegas Open Pro Rhythm Champions

  • Ohio Star Ball championships Professional Rhythm Champions

  • NYDF Pro Rhythm Champions

  • California Star Ball Pro Rhythm Champions

  • Nevada Star Ball Pro Rhythm Champions

  • World & European representatives in Latin and 10 Dance Championships for Great Britain and Ukraine

  • Member of National Dance Council of America

Sveta Daly
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